Poker Hands: Pocket Kings

Pocket Kings Poker Hand

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Welcome to part 1 of our Poker Hands series. We start with Pocket Kings – a seemingly easy hand, but one that must always be played with proper execution.


Let’s say you are at a table. You draw pocket King c & King h. The blinds are at 10/25 and you are sitting in late position. Our suggestion in the opening round? Raise the blinds. If someone else has already raised, we’d recommend raising or re-raising up to 3x the blind.

Pocket Kings at Flop


The flop yields 3c, 8d and 7s. Lucky for you, no Aces yet. According to some poker experts, this is an ideal flop for the pocket Kings player, as it reinforces the strength of the Kings, but is enough to keep other strong players from folding. We’d recommend betting post-flop in this case.

Pocket Kings Turn


Playing the turn & river can be a bit tricky here. The 2h is another ideal card because of its low value. If your opponent raises you on the turn, be careful – he could have either pocket Aces or 3 of a kind. In the event that someone raises you, you’ll want to watch closely for bluffing tells. Our expert ultimately recommends going all-in on this play, but not without caution.

Pocket Kings River


While an Ace on the river could lead to a higher pair, we doubt that anyone with a pocket Ace would still be in the game at this point. There’s no room for a flush and a small chance at anyone winning a straight, so the chances for coming out on top look pretty decent. With that, we say good luck!

Some experts admit that they would fold on the turn in the event that someone raises them. Remember, if you disagree with anything or want to suggest a new perspective, we welcome your opinion! That’s what makes the game of poker so interesting. Leave us a comment and let us know how & why you would play this hand differently.