Poker Hands: Pair of Eights

Poker Pair of Eights

Picking up where we left off last week, this week we’ll show a situation where the pair of eights comes into play. A more complicated hand to play, this one call for different actions depending on the situation.


For our purposes, let’s say you open the round with the 7 and 8 of spades. The blinds are posted at 15/30 and you are sitting under the gun. You could limp in, as we would do with suited connectors. On a small pot like this, you could also raise the blinds to keep the other players on their toes. Yes, there’s always a possibility of landing a flush or straight, but it isn’t likely – so don’t go full tilt right away.

Pair of Eights Flop


The flop yields 3c, 8d, and Kh. No flush or straight, but you do have a mid-range pair. Unless the blinds position bets a large amount, we’d say checking is the wisest option. Once a raise comes, it’s time to fold.

For more aggressive players, a pair of eights is often enough to bluff until the end. Keep in mind, it’s likely that another player has a pocket King. If you still feel a win coming? Call the raise and bluff away.

Pair of Eights Turn


Let’s say you decided to stay in the game, due to your excellent bluffing skills. The turn yields a 2h. This is a good yield for keeping other players’ high stakes bets at bay. Try raising during this round to encourage other players to fold. Except for a player with a pocket King, this flop won’t likely provide anyone with a stellar hand.

Pair of Eights River


The river shows an Ace of spades. At this point, it’s unlikely for a player with a pocket Ace to still be active in the round. You can take advantage of this by going all-in. At this point & with this flop, there probably won’t be many players left in the round. If you are head to head, we’d recommend going all-in rather than just raising the pot on a bluff. Good luck!

We want to know where you agree/disagree. How or why would you play this hand differently? Is bluffing a good idea during this round and why/why not? Leave us your comments below!