Gaming Now Conference 2015

Gaming Now Bullet Business

This year, our team was fortunate to attend the Bullet Business Annual Gaming Now Conference. We want to share the insights we learned from some of the panelists & speakers at the event.

On September 2nd & 3rd, we spent some time at Paris Hotel & Casino (pictured above) in an effort to understand current efforts in the advancement of interactive gaming. Notable speakers included Pierre Cadena of Caesar’s Interactive, Brian Wong of, Matt Cullen of SHIFT Interactive, Alex Merutka of AppLovin, and – of course – our very own Alec Driscoll.

Topics ranged from bolstering creative user acquisition campaigns to the importance of brand recognition in social casino gaming. Several panels discussed the increasing prominence of e-Sports in the near future & highlighted ways to add it to existing online casinos & gaming apps.

We found every panel engaging & interesting, but a few key points stood out above the rest. Alex Merutka of AppLovin pointed out that “what works for other brands may not work for you. Experimenting & trying new things is key.” Pierra Cadena offered some words of wisdom as well: “at the end of the day, online casinos are an ROI based business,” regardless of whether they are for-profit or free-to-play. On the topic of social casinos & branding, Stuart Lewis of GDN stated, “newer social casinos should find a niche & exploit it,” such as his company did.

Other notable speakers, such as Brian Wong (mentioned above), touched on using consumer behavior to define advertising & rewards rather than trying to use ads & rewards to manipulate and define their behavior. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the conference and hope to be back for more insights next year!